Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lubbock, Texas

We're in Lubbock right now; we've been here for almost a week. It's almost like a homecoming for me. I'm not sure that Donna feels exactly as I do, but she does like the town.

We moved out to this area in the late 1970s after I completed my MA degree. I landed my first full-time teaching job at Olton High School, about 50 miles or so northwest of Lubbock. We fell in love with West Texas from that experience, and we've come back to this part of the world again and again over the years. Our daughter was born about 30 miles north of here in Plainview, Texas, and I did another teaching stint about 50 miles southwest in the small community of Wellman. We do have some roots here.

Lubbock has grown dramatically over the years. The population now is over a quarter million. Now, that's not Dallas or Houston, but it's big enough for us. It has a sprawling university (Texas Tech) as well as the smaller Lubbock Christian University. Dining options are great, including options for some of our favorite international cuisines, including Indian, Greek, and Thai. Shopping opportunities abound, medical facilities are superb, and there's just a lot to do here, at least for folks like us.

I've always been impressed by the music scene in Lubbock. It is the hometown of Buddy Holly, for example, and his influence is still felt in the music industry. Others who have grown up in Lubbock and the surrounding area include Waylon Jennings, Mac Davis, Roy Orbison, and the Maines family. The Depot District near downtown is an outgrowth of this musical heritage.

I don't know how long we will stay in Lubbock. So far, the weather has been nice. The days have been warm (70s or so) while we've not had a freeze during our stay. I do not know how much longer the weather will hold, though. We've had a lot of that West Texas wind while here, but not a drop of rain.

But we'll hang around here a bit longer and enjoy ourselves while the weather is good.

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