Saturday, December 22, 2012

Good Eats: Hidalgo's, San Angelo, Texas

I've been on the hunt for some good Tex-Mex enchiladas for quite a while now. During our trip through the Southwest, I sampled enchiladas in New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada. Personally, I just don't care for the red sauce that part of the country uses on enchiladas. I realize this is a personal preference, as that red sauce seems to be very popular out there. I keep looking for the style of enchilada I had as a child. From time to time, I stumble across such an enchilada. I did so recently on a visit to Hidalgo's in San Angelo.

There are, I believe, 3 Hidalgo's in San Angelo. We tried the location at 3108 Sherwood Way since it is the nearest to our current location. Donna had eaten here years ago when we lived in Ozona, but I do not believe I've ever been in the place.

Not many customers were in the place, probably no more than 20 other diners. We asked for a booth in the back. Our drink orders were taken, and we were promptly served our drinks, chips, and salsa. We took a while to look over the menu before ordering. Donna opted for chalupas, which is a favorite of hers, and I decided on the Combination Dinner, which consists of 2 enchiladas and 2 tacos.

The salsa was tasty and had a good bite. Chips were solid and did not crumble as they do at many places. I like a thicker chip, but some folks don't. Donna ordered a guacamole salsa which was quite spicey. I thoroughly enjoyed my cheese enchilada covered with chile sauce. The beef tacos were fine, but next time I'll probably go completely with enchiladas. Donna also enjoyed her beef chalupas, but said next time she would probably order bean chalupas.

The restaurant is old, and this may turn off fussy diners. Yeah, the place could use an upgrade with new carpet, but the place as is has a sort of rustic charm. My main complaint would be the level of service. Everyone we dealt with was friendly and helpful. When our food was delivered, though, I asked for a refill of salsa and chips. The waiter forgot my request. By the time I finally got his attention, we had eaten half our meal. My tea was never refilled. The waiter was friendly and pleasant, just not very attentive.

When we reached the cash register to pay our bill, we had to wait several minutes as well. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of staff working the place, just a lack of efficiency in customer service. Some training would probably improve this.

The main thing, though, is that the food was good, so we are already looking forward to returning to this location as well as trying other locations of Hidalgo's.

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