Thursday, December 13, 2012

Geese in Lubbock

While in Lubbock, Donna and I were entertained daily by the geese that make the area their home in the winter. According to my research, they like the Lubbock area because of the weather, the availability of water, and the stray grain in the fields following harvest. There are a number of playa lakes in the area. These shallow lakes are ideal for the geese, who sleep on the water and then venture out in search of food and water during the day.

Sky over Lubbock filled with geese
We really enjoyed hearing the geese "talk" as they flew above us, heading first this way then that. Some experts believe that as many as 100,000 geese make the area home during the winter; it just depends on the resources that are available for that particular year. According to my research, the species usually represented are Canada, Snow, Ross, and Specklebellies.

A closer shot of some low-flying geese

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