Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time to Move On

We've been in the Longview area for nearly a month now. We've taken care of some business, visited a few friends, had some dental work done, and donated some money to the boats in Shreveport/Bossier City. It's about time to move on.

We are taking our trailer in for some repairs in a couple of days. We have a few free nights at a Bossier City casino, so we will stay there while the work is done on our trailer. We'll pick it up the day after Thanksgiving, then head out. After a short visit to see Donna's mother, we'll head west again and follow the sun. We're seeking warmth right now.

It's a might cold to be staying in a trailer in this area. Days are pleasant enough, but the nights surely do get cold. We need to find someplace a bit warmer as the nights get colder and longer and the days grow shorter.

It's been great seeing the trees again, especially with many of them with their fall colors. I do enjoy fall in East Texas.

We don't have a plan for where we will go; we just plan to head west where the days are sunny. There will be times when we have no internet access, but I'll post entries whenever I can.

We'll see you on down the road.

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