Wednesday, November 28, 2012

If It's Tuesday, This Must be Big Spring

In 1969, a movie called If It's Tuesday, This Must be Belgium was released. The movie, starring Suzanne Pleshette, followed the adventures of a British tour guide who would take Americans on whirlwind tours of Europe. During these tours, tourists would visit a large number of countries in a relatively few days, leading some to be confused as to just where they were at any given time.

I know how they feel.

Since November 19 -- a period of roughly 9 days, depending on how you count -- Donna and I have stayed in 5 different towns, usually spending no more than 2 nights in each place. Yesterday, we arrived in Big Spring, a place we've stayed numerous times while visiting our daughter and her family. Despite our familiarity with the area, we experienced a bit of confusion last night and momentarily forgot where we were.

This is not unusual, I suppose, but it seems to be happening to us more and more. When we began this journey in late July, we were traveling rather fast. From August 9 to August 26 -- a period of about 17 days -- we stayed in 8 different places, yet we didn't have this feeling.  From August 26 until early October, we began staying longer at campgrounds, usually from 1 to 2 weeks at each one. Then from October 11 to October 19, we began moving quickly again. During that 8 day period, we stayed in 5 different places, and we got that feeling of confusion for the first time.

And what's funny is that this confusion is happening to both Donna and me at the same time and at the same places. Now, we have been married for 35 years and we tend to think more and more alike with each passing year. I guess that explains a lot. But it is a bit disconcerting when we think about going to the grocery store and have to stop and figure out where we are first.

I suppose you could chalk some of this up to senior moments, but it's odd that we are having the same senior moments at the same time. The good news is that these moments happen only a few seconds, though they may recur several times in a single day. We are probably being told we need to find a place to settle for a while.

Gosh, I hope we don't get lost down the road.

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