Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

By the time this is posted, most of you will have probably embarrassed yourselves at a Thanksgiving dinner table. You've probably eaten far more than you should, and the men among you -- and perhaps even a few of the fairer sex -- have unhitched the top button on your pants and have settled back in an easy chair to watch a football game. But that's alright; you've earned this right. There's no harm in going a bit overboard on this day.

Donna and I took our trailer to Hayes RV in Longview for some maintenance on Monday. We had some free rooms at the Horseshoe, so decided to use them while repairs were being made. We really expected Hayes to take a few days to do everything we asked, but they called us late Monday to report everything was done. We pick up our trailer tomorrow morning, then head to Conroe for a visit to Donna's mother.

We've been using Hayes RV for years, and we've never been disappointed in their work. For any of you who RV and happen to pass through this area and need some work, I highly recommend Hayes. They are located in far north Longview. They do good work.

The colors in East Texas are beautiful right now. This is just about the height of their color. I do enjoy this area at this time of year. People not familiar with East Texas would probably be surprised at the good color available here this time of year.

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