Saturday, September 8, 2012

Travel Update

We are currently in Cortez, Colorado. We've been here since Sunday, September 2, and we will stay until Sunday, September 16. Here is a record of our travels thus far, beginning with Willis, Texas, where we picked up our travel trailer:

Our route thus far

  • Total miles traveled: 1,478 (This includes only mileage we've pulled the trailer. It does not include side trips.)
  • # nights spent on the road: 44
  • Total gas cost: $545.57 (This only includes gas spent pulling the trailer. It does not include side trips.)
  • Total lodging cost: $1,198.
These totals reflect our status until September 16, when we leave Cortez for our next destination.

From here, we head to Moab, Utah, where we spend a week exploring the national parks in that area. We do not have any definite plans beyond Moab. Our ultimate goal is to head to Laughlin, Nevada, when the weather begins to cool. With nightly lows now in the upper 40s where we are, that may be soon.

Traveling the way we are is somewhat expensive. It would be more cost effective to find a place to spend at least 1 month or more at a time. Monthly rates in RV parks usually offer significant savings over daily or even weekly rates. Also, traveling quickly as we are from place to place, we seem to go somewhere almost everyday. Admission fees and additional fuel costs in making these side trips on a daily basis add up; these costs are not reflected in the information above. However, were they included, they would add at least another $500 to our travels thus far. For example, we plan to explore part of the San Juan Skyway in a day or two. Since this will take much of the day, our fuel costs will be about $25 or so and we will eat out -- and dining out in this area is about 20% higher than where we come from. Expenses such as these on a daily basis add up.

Another drawback to this kind of travel is that you just get tired of going someplace everyday. Although we are still doing something almost everyday at Cortez, we are able to slow our pace a little since we are spending two weeks here. And even though we are traveling, we still have normal duties to perform, such as laundry, maintaining vehicles, grocery shopping, paying bills, housework (cooking and cleaning), etc. While in San Angelo in mid-August, for example, we had our truck serviced and new tires put on, we had medical appointments, and we conducted various financial business. In Big Spring, I replaced the electric jack on the trailer, which had stripped its gears. In Willis, I washed the entire trailer and had it inspected. So, even though we are on a sort of vacation, there is still work to do.

But we are seeing some magnificent country. I wish I had the words to describe what we have seen so that I could share our experiences with you. Any direction we look is a breathtaking vista.

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