Sunday, September 16, 2012

On the Road: Cortez, CO, to Moab, UT

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Time to move on down the road.

Today, our destination is Moab, UT, a mere 114 miles from Cortez. I like these short tows, especially on two-lane highways.

Cortez to Moab

Since the trip was short, we took our time taking off and did not leave until about 9:30. We began by heading north from Cortez (elevation 6,200 ft) on US 491 to Dove Creek, CO, (elevation 6,800 ft) and then on to Monticello, UT. For most of the trip in Colorado, we were on something of a plateau, and there was a great deal of farming, especially hay. We did see a field of sunflowers, and I also saw some corn.

As the road turned more west, we crossed into Utah, and almost immediately the land took on a different apperance. The farm land was replaced by ranch land, and ahead of us rose Abajo Peak (11,368 ft) and other nearby peaks. At Monticello, we reached 7,000 feet.

We did not see much of Monticello. We entered town on the east and then turned north on US 191 just north of downtown. What we did see was very neat and well cared for. It appears to be a very progressive little community.

We began entering canyons shortly after leaving Monticello, and the road began its descent. The red canyon walls are very dramatic, and vistas reach for miles and miles. The entire distance today was on a 2-lane highway, there was a great deal of traffic, especially between Monticello and Moab. At Moab, the elevation is just over 4,000, and that is a drop of 3,000 feet from Monticello.

Below are a few pictures we took at various stops along the road.

Interesting formation along the road. Mountains in the background belong to the La Sal Range, with 12 peaks exceeding 12,000 ft.

Wilson Arch, about 15 or 20 miles south of Moab

Our highway winds through the canyon walls

Canyon walls are steep and rugged

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