Saturday, August 18, 2012

Trip Update: August 18. 2012

Our grandson spent the night with us last night, and our daughter Courtney, her husband Michael, and our grandson Xander joined us for lunch today at Joe's Italian Bistro in Big Spring to celebrate both Michael's and Xander's birthdays. It was good to visit with them; it's hard to leave them. We've gotten used to being nearby for the past year, so it will be strange to not have them close over the next few months.

But tomorrow, we pull out of Big Spring and start the next leg of our journey. All of the tasks we had set for ourselves are behind us now. We've visited Donna's family in Conroe and Livingston, we've visited my brother and his fiance in the Ft. Worth area, we've completed all of our medical appointments, we've taken care of all our financial responsibilities, and we've prepared our truck and trailer for the trip. Our journey really begins tomorrow.

So, I'm counting the start of our trip as beginning in Conroe on July 27, for that is when we began living in our trailer. I'm tracking our mileage and costs from that point and want to share that information since others may be interested in knowing what a trip like this costs. Keep in mind that I am only tracking gas and campsite (or lodging) costs, not food or anything else. I'm also not tracking gasoline spent on side trips -- only gasoline used to pull the trailer from one location to another. So far, here is what we have done:

The spreadsheet above is a screen shot and may be difficult to read. If so, I'll look at some way to improve this. For now, you can see that the total gas cost is $244.10 for 590 miles. When pulling the trailer, we have been averaging between 9.5 mpg and 11.6 mpg, depending on terrain, weather, and other conditions. Total lodging cost thus far is $424.75. Total overall cost is $668.85 giving us a per day cost of $41.80.

You might also be interested in what we are paying for gas as we travel across the state and, later, the country. Here is a spreadsheet screen shot of that information.

This averages to $3.508 per gallon.

Internet connectivity has been spotty thus far. Places that advertise WiFi often don't deliver, and other places that don't advertise it surprise us with good connectivity. So, if no new items appear for 3 days or more on the blog, please assume that we are just in an area where we can't connect. When we do finally connect, I'll probably post several items at once as I've done over the past 2 days.

From Big Spring, we visit Caprock Canyons State Park and Palo Duro State Park, both in the Texas Panhandle. When we leave Palo Duro, we head out of Texas. This is where things get interesting for us, for we are about to go to places where we have never been before or have not been but once or twice.

I hope you enjoy the trip.

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