Sunday, August 19, 2012

Texas RV Park, Big Spring, Texas

Big Spring, Texas, doesn't have much to offer as regards RV parks. After various Internet searches, we decided to stay at Texas RV Park when we came to Big Spring to visit our daughter and her family.

Texas RV Park office. During our 3-night stay, we never found the office open.
On the plus side, the park provides full hookups, and at my site all utilities were grouped together, and that made things very neat and efficient. And that is about where the positive remarks can end.

The majority of the residents at the park appear to be long-term, and several seem to be very long term. These guests have the best sites, of course.

Except for a few sites near the office, most sites are like this -- no shade and no personality.
Upon checking in, the registration clerk told us that new owners had taken over the park in late June. She commented about how the previous owner had let the park run down and had received several citations. We do not see that any improvement has been made by the new owners, but perhaps they have not had enough time to do much. During our stay, though, I saw no maintenance activity, so I'm not sure that anything will change.

We were assigned to site C, an uneven site with absolutely no shade. I had to use 2 boards to level my trailer. The picnic table was placed against a fence; it was old with peeling paint. Weeds and grass had not been trimmed in weeks. Considering that this country gets little rain, it may have been months since the weeds and grass had received any attention.

Our site, site C. The site is long enough to accommodate the longest rigs, but it is not level and there is absolutely no shade.
Peeling picnic table and overgrown grass and weeds at our site.
Donna did laundry while here. The facilities were dirty. There is a lock on the door for security purposes, and residents punch in a code to enter. The door would not fully close, so the room could not be locked. So much for security.

This is how I found the "secure" laundry room when I went around the park taking pictures. I do not believe the door is capable of being locked, though residents are provided a code and there is a lock in place.
I investigated the shower/bathroom facilities while at the laundry room, and found them to be in need of care. Although we were given a code for these facilities, there was no lock whatsover on the the men's facilities. A unisex facility had an "out of order" sign on it. The website describes these facilities as "deluxe" restrooms.

Door to the men's restroom. Notice the sign instructs how to use the lock pad; unfortunately, there is no lock pad in place.
When we arrived at 1:30 Wednesday afternoon, the office was closed. A sign on the door provided us with a number to call. The attendant who arrived to check us in told us that the air conditioning had gone out and that the compressor would need to be replaced. During our entire stay, the office was never open.

Cable TV and WiFi are provided to guests. Although there were plenty of channels and the Internet signal was strong, both failed several times during our stay, sometimes staying off for an hour or more at a time.

And all of this is available for a mere daily fee of $37.50. I guess you can charge high prices for bad facilities when there is little competition in the area.

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