Wednesday, August 8, 2012

State Livingston SP: Hiking the Oak Flat Trail

While staying at Lake Livingston State Park, I spent a little time hiking the available trails there. As I mentioned in my entry Lake Livingston State Park, some of the trails were closed, so my options were limited. However, I was able to hike the Main Trail, the Oak Flat Trail, and the Pineywoods Nature Trail, and I will post my reviews of these hikes on my blog.

This entry regards the Oak Flat Trail. Please refer to the available online map of the park to see the trail.

The Oak Flat Trail is a short interpretive trail starting at the park headquarters building and ending near the start of the Main Trail.


The trail is a short hike of just under a third of a mile. Most of the trail is wide and clear, though there were a few overgrown areas.

Trail seems to disappear in the undergrowth

Two or three interpretive signs like the one below line the trail. They provide good information about the environment.

Signs along the trail such as this one provide interesting information about the environment.

There is a bird blind near the end of the trail.

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