Wednesday, August 8, 2012

State Livingston SP: Hiking the Main Trail

While staying at Lake Livingston State Park, I spent a little time hiking the available trails there. As I mentioned in my entry Lake Livingston State Park, some of the trails were closed, so my options were limited. However, I was able to hike the Main Trail, the Oak Flat Trail, and the Pineywoods Nature Trail, and I will post my reviews of these hikes on my blog.

This entry regards the Main Trail. Please refer to the available online map of the park to see the trail.

The Main Trail extends just over half a mile from the park headquarters and connects with the Pineywoods Nature Trail near the Duck Pond. It is a rather nondescript trail, but presently it is well maintained and in good shape.

Clear and wide trail through the woods
At the end of the trail, the boardwalk of the Pineywoods Trail appears.

End of the Main Trail

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