Friday, August 17, 2012

Return to Spring Creek

While our house was being built last year, Donna and I spent almost 6 weeks at Spring Creek Marina and RV Park. I documented our time there in various blog entries. These are listed below for your convenience.

My opinion of the place has not changed much in the past year; if anything, I care less for the place now than before.

Unfortunately, San Angelo does not have many facilities for RVers. The state park has practically no shade and no full hookups; the KOA has little shade, and sites are very close together there. There are other RV parks, but they don't even measure up to these. So, when we returned to San Angelo to clean up some loose ends there, we really had no choice except to stay at Spring Creek.

Donna did enjoy fishing at the RV park, and she had quite a bit of luck on one day. And the park does offer grass and some shade in the form of large mesquite trees, and it does provide cable TV and full hookups. That is about where the good things end, though.

The park claims to offer WiFi. At site #44, where we spent 4 nights, we were unable to connect to the Internet. The signal simply was not strong enough. I could connect to the Spring Creek network, but it was a local connection only. I called twice about this. Basically, the last time the gentleman answering my call simply said, "There's nothing I can do." Well, he could get someone out there to fix the problem. He even suggested the problem might be mine. Funny, I was able to go to Starbucks and connect with no problem, and I was also able to park in front of the Spring Creek office and connect fine. The problem is a weak signal along the perimeters of the park, and the management is unwilling to do anything about it.

The "anything goes" attitude is still prevalent among residents at the park. You can hear noise all night long. One night, I was awakened by music and laughter at 2:17 AM, and both continued for about an hour.

I'll not stay at this place again; I'd rather be in a cramped site at the KOA where I know I'm at least getting what I pay for.

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