Friday, August 3, 2012

Leaving Omega Farms

We've been at Omega Farms RV Park for almost a week now, having arrived last Friday. Today (Friday, August 3), we  head to Lake Livingston State Park, near Livingston, Texas, where we will spend a week. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website does not list WiFi as being available at the park, so it may be a week or more before my next post. After a week at Lake Livingston, we head to Dinosaur Valley State Park just outside Glen Rose, Texas, for a few days. As soon as I am able to connect, I'll review both of those parks. After Glen Rose, we return to San Angelo for a few days for medical appointments and other business. I'll certainly have connectivity there.

We've had a good time at Omega Farms. Our time here has allowed us to do quite a bit. We have been able to visit Donna's mother everyday; that alone has made the time here worthwhile. We also visited an aunt and uncle of hers yesterday. We have also taken care of some financial affairs while here, and that has helped to tie up some necessary loose ends before we set off on our travels.

We've also taken care of other things. I got a nice haircut yesterday. Donna has been able to do laundry at the facilities in the park. I repaired a damaged bracket on our hitch system (which I wrote about in a previous post) and performed other minor and routine maintenance, which was necessary since we had not been in the trailer for about 2 months. I have also washed the entire exterior of the trailer and have cleaned the underside of our awning. Most RV parks do not allow you to wash vehicles on their premises, but Omega Farms does, so I have taken advantage of this opportunity.

And Donna has fished and fished and fished. On Tuesday night, there was a music get-together at the "community center" at Omega Farms, and we spent some time enjoying the group playing there. The little group consisted of a bass, a fiddle, and 4 six-string guitars, and they played a nice mix of gospel and country. It was a nice way to pass the evening.

I'll be seeing you down the road.

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