Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good Eats: Sam's Original Restaurant and BBQ, Fairfield, Texas

I love BBQ. So whenever I pass through my hometown of Fairfield, Texas, I like to stop at Sam’s Original Restaurant and BBQ. Since they serve the BBQ I grew up eating, the BBQ at Sam’s is the standard I use to compare all BBQ. I had been dreaming of that BBQ for a long time, so when we passed through on August 9 on our way from Lake Livingston SP en route to Dinosaur Valley SP, I had to stop.

Most folks that stop at Sam’s eat the buffet. You’ll know why once you see it; it's an impressive spread. But the sliced beef BBQ dinner is what I always order. The meat is spread across a large plate and covered with a sweet BBQ sauce. BBQ aficionados often debate whether true BBQ should be served with or without sauce. Personally, I don't care -- I just like BBQ. But I do like Sam’s sauce. A thick slice of onion and several dill pickle slices accompany the meal. Two sides are also served. I always opt for the potato salad, which is the best I’ve ever had in a restaurant. I normally select pinto beans as my other side, but this time I chose peach cobbler. All meals come with a mini loaf of homemade bread.

Originally, the restaurant’s trademarks were its BBQ and homemade bread. Another of those original trademarks was its pies, with their fluffy, mile-high meringues and great taste. The pies are still there and are still as good as ever. My favorite as a child was banana.

If you pass through Fairfield, take an hour or so to visit Sam's. The menu is available online, as is the history. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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