Friday, August 17, 2012

Good Eats: Hollywood and Vine, Glen Rose, Texas

Following our hike at Dinosaur Valley State Park on Saturday, August 11, our little group of explorers was pretty hungry. I had previously researched some eating places in Glen Rose, and Donna and I decided to give Hollywood and Vine a try.

Located in downtown Glen Rose about a block off the square, Hollywood and Vine offers casual dining in a remodeled boarding house built about a century ago.

I should begin by saying the restaurant has no air-conditioning. However, there is a steady movement of air through the building caused by numerous fans, and there is outside dining on the shady patio. I did not find the environment to be uncomfortable.

Donna had nachos, Nancy had a burger, and Larry and I had chicken fried steaks. My meal was good. The steak was tender with a good crust, and I was able to cut it with a fork. Gravy was tasty as well, and the beans were also good. I did not care for the mashed potatoes, though, because they included skins. This is a personal preference as I simply do not care for the texture of mashed potatoes with skins; I prefer light and fluffy mashed potatoes. Rather than beans, my brother opted for fried okra.

The best part of the meal might have been the iced-tea. It was strong and tasted as if it had been sun-brewed.

I did not try any of Donna’s nachos, but she did not care for them very much. In fact, Donna's experience at the restaurant left something to be desired. When we ordered our drinks, Donna asked, "What do you have on draft?" to which the young waitress replied, "I don't know." Donna followed this up by asking, "Do you have Bud Light?" The waitress responded that they did.

In a few minutes, she returned with our drinks, including a bottle of Bud Light. We quizzed her a bit on this, and she finally said something about the draft dispenser being broken, and we just let it go at that. She redeemed herself, though, by keeping our tea glasses full, and she ended up being a pretty attentive waitress.

Although I might not be able to get Donna to return to Hollywood and Vine, I would give it another try if we were in the neighborhood.

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