Friday, July 27, 2012

Willis, Texas

It's official . . . . we are truly homeless and currently living in our travel trailer. I'm reminded of the old Saturday Night Live skit with Chris Farley, whose character Matt Foley repeatedly complains about living "in a van down by the river." I kind of feel like that right now.

After closing on our house Monday morning, we headed to north Ft. Worth where we spent 2 days visiting my brother and his fiance. We ate well, slept well, and had a good time.

Early Wednesday, we drove over to Kilgore where we met friends for lunch at Cancun Dave's. It was good to see old friends and spend a couple of hours with them. The beef fajitas I ordered, by the way, were quite good.

From Kilgore, we continued eastward to Shreveport, LA, where we spent 2 days playing video poker at Eldorado Casino. Donna broke about even for the trip while I lost a little; however, our room and all our meals were comped, so we had a good time.

We left Shreveport early this morning (Friday, July 27) and headed towards the Conroe area. During our trip here in May, we left our trailer in storage at a facility on the west shore of Lake Conroe. Our first stop was to pick it up. We then pulled it to Omega Farms RV Park on the outskirts of Willis. We will spend a week here while visiting Donna's family and taking care of some business in the area.

After spending several days at my brother's and in a hotel, it was really nice to get to our trailer. It's not a home, but we are quite comfortable in it. The refrigerator is still cooling off; it will be completely functional later tonight, so we'll head to a grocery store in the morning to stock up on food. I also have a repair to make on the trailer, and I plan to wash it in a few days.

After being in San Angelo, I could really feel the humidity here when setting the trailer up earlier today. Even little movements outside caused me to perspire considerably; it really is quite a bit different from the arid and dry western part of the state.

One thing we've really enjoyed is how green the entire eastern part of the state is. Lawns are lush and lakes are healthy. It's quite a contrast to West Texas.

I'll try to post 2 or 3 times per week. However, there are times when I will not have Internet access, so please bear with me.

It's good to be home again.

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