Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We Got a GPS

Well, we finally did it -- we purchased a GPS.

People who know me and the work I did the final years of my career laugh at my attitude towards technology (see my blog entry entitled "Pandora" for a similar story on this topic). I really don't like technology, but if something looks like it will improve my life, I'll try it. I don't, however, feel the need to go out and buy the latest greatest gadget when it hits the market, then a year later buy the next latest and greatest upgrade to that gadget. And what's with these people who start standing in line at Best Buy the night before a new tablet is released, just so they can be among the first to purchase one of them? Some of them even take off work to do this. I just don't get it.

I have a cell phone, but I only use it for talking, not for texting. In fact, I rarely talk on it. Anyone who knows me will tell you I don't like talking on the phone -- never have, never will. Guess I shouldn't look for a job in a call center. I don't have a tablet; I don't have TIVO; I don't Tweet or use Facebook. 

It's not that I'm technologically illiterate. In fact, I spent the last years of my career as the Director of Technology Services at the regional education service center where I worked, so I know my way around gadgets and gizmos. A colleague there who knew how Donna and I enjoyed hiking once asked me what type of GPS I used on our hikes. I guess that because of my position, she expected me to have some wonderful, high-powered GPS. I replied, "A compass and a map." Well, I still use a compass and a  map on our hikes -- heck, in a pinch, I might even use the sun or stars or other natural aids. But I did recently break down and buy a GPS for our upcoming RV trip. I've driven across Texas so many times over the years that I seldom even use a map while in Texas. But our upcoming trip will take us to areas that I am not familiar with, and I thought a GPS might be helpful.

We purchased a Garmin nĂ¼vi® 50LM. So far, we've enjoyed it. We've experimented around town, and we enjoy the way it tells you where to turn and even which side of the road your target destination is on. We'll use it regularly on our trip, but especially when we are looking for a specific place, such as our next RV park. It will really be useful in case of emergency, such as seeking a hospital.

Perhaps there is some hope for me yet, but I doubt it. I'd actually rather sit next to someone and visit with them than to text them.

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