Friday, July 6, 2012

Good Eats: Zenter's Daughter, San Angelo, Texas

Zentner's Daughter is a well-known steakhouse in West Texas, famous for its garlic-flavored sirloins. In fact, the Zentner family has operated numerous restaurants in the area.

John Zentner opened the Lowake Inn in 1946 in the small community of Lowake, about half an hour east of San Angelo. Prior to that, he had cooked in his father's meat market and for the cavalry. You may recall an earlier entry on this blog about the Lowake Steak House. Betty, John Zentner's daughter, opened Zentner's Daughter restaurant in San Angelo in 1974, and she and her husband continue to operate it today.

On a recent Sunday, Donna and I were craving a good steak, so we visited Zenter's Daughter. It just so happens that they run a special on Sunday that we simply couldn't resist. The Sunday Fest is a wonderful deal for $12.95. You get your choice of shrimp, sirloin, or chicken, or your choice of any two of these. In addition, you get soup or salad, vegetable, potato, dessert, and your choice of either tea or coffee.

Both of us opted for the sirloin, and we were surprised at the size and thickness of the steak. Each of us were served 2 large portions of perfectly cooked sirloin, each piece probably weighing close to half a pound. The salads were good and were served with Zentner's own croutons, which are a wonderful snack by themselves. The potato was perfect, dessert was tasty, and service was excellent.

We close on our house on Monday, July 23. The day before, we plan to enjoy our last San Angelo meal at Zentner's Daughter. I think you know what we will order.

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