Thursday, July 12, 2012

Counting the Days

We have just over a week more before we hit the road. It's been quite busy here.

We secured a storage facility for our household goods, and for the past 2 weeks or so, we've been taking various items over there. Almost all of the boxes are there now and several pieces of furniture. Donna has emptied the kitchen except for what we need for the last few days we are here. Besides some bedroom furniture and some living room furniture, there isn't much left in the house.

We are having a garage sale Saturday, July 14. I hope everything sells, for I don't want any of that stuff. I really believe that less is better.

Another thing I've come to believe is that I'm tired of yard work. I've always enjoyed working with plants. Donna and I have had gardens since the first years of our marriage. But since we've retired, I've come to believe that gardens -- and yards -- tie you down. To have a nice yard, you really need to mow weekly whether the yard needs it or not. Plants and grass have to be watered, weeds have to be pulled, fertilizer needs to be applied, bushes need to be trimmed, and the list goes on and on. I'd rather be playing. If I ever live in a house again, it will probably be a small garden or patio home with a very small yard. So, I'm selling all my yard and gardening tools in the garage sale, some I've had from the early days of our marriage.

We donated several boxes of books to local charities. I had hauled some of these books around since my college days thinking that someday I would read them again. We tend to cling to these things, perhaps out of sentimentality. We really need to just let go. If I want to read one of those books, I'll just go to our local library or download the book to my Kindle. Since many of the old books I had were classical literature, many of them are available free somewhere on the Internet.

Really about the only things I am keeping are things relating to my family history, like the Cameron family Bible, family medals and awards, and other things that just can't be replaced. I hope they will mean something to my descendants one day, but that may be a pipe dream. They mean something to me, though, so I'm still lugging them around.

So, we have drastically scaled down our possessions, and it feels very, very good. I like being "lean and mean" so to speak. As I've said before on this blog, you don't own possessions, they own you.

I'm always amazed at the things we continue to lug around. This morning, for example, I came across a shoe box of old check books going back at least 10 years. Why am I still carrying these around? So, I spent a little time and shredded all of them. That's one less shoe box I have to worry about in the future.

So, the house is just about cleaned out. We'll wait for next Saturday to arrive. My son-in-law is coming down to help me move the heavy items to the storage room. The storage facility has a trailer for use by occupants, and I figure that at most it will take 2 loads on the trailer. After that, we just wait for the closing on Monday, and then we head on down the road looking for some fun.

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