Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Check Out the Web Site

As we wind down to our last days in San Angelo, I want to remind all my blog visitors to check out my website, Living the Good Life. You can always link to it from this blog by clicking on the link to the right.

I created the website as a way to better organize my interests and to share them with any visitors to the site. Whereas the blog is a good way to keep up with us on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis, you can view items by groupings on the website.

For example, I'm currently developing a page on the website called "RV Corner". If you are interested in the RV lifestyle, then you can find various articles related to RV travel grouped together there. I've only recently started this page, though, so I have only a few articles posted at this time. I'm currently focusing on some of the mechanics of RVing, such as what is involved with setting up an RV at a campground and what you must do when preparing to leave a campground.

If you enjoy reading about our hikes, you can find all of that information grouped together on the "Hiking" page. Although many of the hikes are actually taken from the blog, there are many more hikes we've enjoyed over the years that I've posted in other formats. At some point, I'd like to format all the hikes in a similar fashion. But that is not a priority at this time.

If you are more interested in travel in general, then check out "Travels with Donna and Keith." As with hiking, many of these entries are simply links to blog articles. They focus on the places we have visited, such as museums, historic sites, and other places of interest.

Another section that I've just added is "Good Eats." This section is basically a review of places we eat along the road. I don't claim to be a restaurant critic, but I can at least describe a place and tell you what's on the menu. All of the reviews in this section are simply blog entries I link to.

There are a couple of other categories as well, but those listed above are probably what most visitors to the site would be interested in.

I invite you to visit often, and I hope you enjoy what you find.

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