Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bracket Replacement

When we came to Conroe in late May, a bracket on our hitch system was damaged. After returning to San Angelo, I ordered a replacement part. One of my first priorities after getting the trailer set up yesterday was to replace that damaged bracket. I did that earlier this morning.

I use a Husky weight distribution hitch with sway control. This type of hitch accomplishes several things. First, it connects my tow vehicle (TV) to my trailer so that I can tow it. Second, it distributes the tongue weight of the trailer so that all the weight is not directly on the hitch. Finally, it provides some sort of sway control to make the trailer tow more steadily behind the TV, especially when being passed by high-speed trucks.

Husky weight distribution hitch with sway control
The graphic above shows the complete hitch. The ball at front is attached to the TV. The A frame is the front of the trailer frame system; normally, propane tanks and battery also are located in this area. The long vertical bar is part of the sway control feature. The bracket where it rests is where I had some damage.

Good bracket

The image above is of the bracket that is still functional. Below are two pictures of the bracket I damaged.

Basically, I turned just a bit too sharply one day, and twisted the bracket.

I have now replaced the damaged bracket, and we're ready to head on down the road.

When you have an RV, you have to expect problems like these to arise. 

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