Saturday, June 9, 2012

Taking Some Pounds Off

I mentioned in my recent post on Panera Bread that I was dieting. On a visit to my doctor on May 3, he indicated that I didn't need to be so well-fed, then he recommended a book for me: The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet, by Barbara Rolls, PhD. It's a good book.

Since starting the diet, I've officially dropped 19.6 pounds, but I've probably dropped more like 21 or 22 pounds, for I did not start tracking my weight until a few days into the diet.

I've never done well on diets. Sure, they might work for a short time, but I always seem to return to the weight I started with. The same might happen with this diet; however, I really think this time I'll do better.

I'm really watching the calories on everything I eat. If we eat out, we try to plan our meals by going online and checking the menus for nutritional information. Most of the chain establishments now offer that feature. My goal is to stay under 1500 calories a day, and I've been pretty successful so far. A man my age and size needs about 2,000 to 2,200 calories to sustain his present weight, so I try to stay comfortably below that intake in order to lose.

And it has worked well without much suffering. Sure, I'd love a good old fashioned cheeseburger right now, but we've had some good meals while dieting (yeah, Donna is using the same diet). One of the great features of this book is that it provides a number of low calorie recipes, and we've found them to be very tasty. Donna also combed some back issues of Southern Homes and Gardens cookbooks she has collected over the years and found a section in some for low-calorie eating.

We have dropped off the diet a few times, but we've always been able to hop right back on. On our recent trip to Conroe, for example, we enjoyed some high calorie BBQ, but we immediately resumed the diet the next day without any setbacks.

So, I hope to stay on this diet and lose another 20 pounds. I'll keep you posted on my progress -- that is, of course, unless I fall off and start putting the pounds back on.

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