Friday, June 29, 2012

Planning the Trip

How do you plan a trip like the one we are about to take?

Well, it ain't easy.

Until you actually sit down and make preparations for such a trip, you don't realize all the details that are involved.

Mail is a top priority. There are mail forwarding services out there, including one offered by Good Sam, the RV travel club Donna and I belong to. However, we've opted to let our daughter handle our mail for us. We recently rented a postal box in her town, and we will have all our mail forwarded there. We bought a printer/copier/scanner for her to use. When she receives anything that requires our attention, she will scan it and send it to us electronically. On rare occasions, she may need to forward mail to us. But we hope to do everything electronically. Since most commercial RV parks today have WiFi, we should be connected during most of our travels.

We've set up auto payment on all regular bills (insurance, storage, mobile phones, etc.). And we manage as much of our personal affairs as possible electronically. So the important items should be taken care of.

Still, there are those unexpected mailings you receive. Perhaps it is an invoice from a lab where blood work was done, or maybe the IRS decides to audit you, or you get a jury summons. These are the things it is difficult to plan for, but our daughter will get these items and pass them along to us as needed.

We've secured storage for our household goods. In fact, we've already started moving items there. When we made the move to San Angelo, we down-sized considerably. We sold all of our bulky items, such as a 7-foot tall, 3-piece entertainment center that weighed much more than I want to remember. All of the items we have now are much smaller and much more manageable. And we are continuing to down-size. I've donated a number of boxes of books that I've been lugging all over the state from my college days. If you've read much of my blog, you know I love books. Until recently, I just couldn't bring myself to give those books up, but now I'm happy to do so. And if I want to read a book I've recently given away, I'll just find a library and read away.

We've notified all utilities of our cut-off date, and we've cancelled all subscriptions.

One of the things you might not think about until you actually need it is medical care. Where do we go for medical care while on the road? Well, in a true emergency, I'll head for the nearest ER. But I'd like to keep medical care within my network to hold costs down. So, as we decide on an area we want to visit, I go to our insurance web site to find all the in-network medical facilities in that area. I list all contact information, do a print screen of the map location, and print this info. We'll keep this in the truck handy for any emergencies. We can then just enter the info in our GPS and get to help as quickly as possible.

Our Tundra is due for inspection and registration in January. What do I do if I'm out of state at that time? I guess I need to look into that. There are all sorts of details like that must be considered.

I know items will pop up from time to time, and we'll deal with them as they arise. Nothing is insurmountable. It is certainly easier to do this kind of traveling than it was 20, 10, or even 5 years ago.

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