Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flight of the Gypsies

Every time I look at a map, I see another place I want to go, so it's difficult to make plans and stick to them. At this time, though, here is what we're considering for our upcoming trip.

After closing on the house, we'll make a run to East Texas for a final visit with family. My brother and his fiance live in Ft. Worth, so that will be our first stop. After a few days there, we'll go to Shreveport/Bossier City for a final visit to "the boats". From there, we head to Conroe, just west of Cut and Shoot and Donna's hometown.

When we went to Conroe in late May, we left our trailer there. We knew we'd be returning, and found it cheaper to store the trailer for 2 months than to lug it back to San Angelo and then back to Conroe. Also, we had a bit of damage on the trailer bracket. I've ordered parts and will make the repair when we return to Conroe. We'll also spend some time visiting Donna's family and taking care of some business there.

Donna also has a half-sister in the Livingston area, so we plan a stay at Lake Livingston State Park. Donna can visit her sister and fish, and we can do some hiking.

From there, we work our way back across the state. We have some final medical appointments in mid-August in San Angelo, and we will want to spend several days in the Big Spring area making a final visit to our daughter, our grandson, and our son-in-law.

After that, we become gypsy's, going where we want and staying as long as we want.

It will be the latter days of August then, and we'll still be in Texas, so it will be hot. And since we will be in West Texas, we won't have much shade. It's hard to cool a travel trailer in full sun. We hope to see Caprock Canyons and Palo Duro Canyon State Parks at this time and do a bit of hiking. Following those stops, we'll head towards Santa Fe and northern New Mexico and try to escape the heat until autumn starts moving in. From there, we'd like to journey into southern Utah and see some of the National Parks there, such as Canyonlands, Arches, and Zion.

By this time, October will be upon us, and cooler weather should be approaching. We don't want to be in a cold climate in a travel trailer, so we'll probably work our way south, perhaps to Las Vegas or Laughlin, Nevada.

One plan we discussed at length prior to retirement was to move around over the country once we retired. We would move someplace like Flagstaff, Arizona, for a year or two and rent an apartment. We'd then see everything of interest within half a day's drive, then move on down the road to a new location. By doing this, we'd really get to see the country. That is still in the back of our minds, and as we travel we may consider it at some point in the future.

But for now, we simply plan to head down the highway, perhaps taking the road less traveled, and see as many interesting places as we can. I hope you'll come along with us; I think it will be an interesting trip.

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