Friday, May 18, 2012

San Angelo Nature Center

Another stop while our daughter and her family were visiting was the San Angelo Nature Center, located on Lake Nasworthy.

The Nature Center is something of a cross between a mini museum and a mini zoo. It is a wonderful place for smaller children to learn about nature. The wonderful staff there bring out all sorts of animals and allow the children to touch and pet them.

Most of the exhibits deal with small animals that live in the western part of Texas, so its a good place to go when you want to identify a local critter.

Those are some pretty good sized snakes. At top is a boa; at bottom is a python. The brave man next to the cage is my fearless son-in-law, Michael.
Wall-O-Snakes. These are harmless (left) and venomous (right) snakes of the Concho Valley

Donna found a small turtle

Exterior of the Nature Center, with a bit of Lake Nasworthy showing in the right background

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