Sunday, May 27, 2012

Omega Farms

Donna's family lives in Conroe, so we recently visited the area for a few days. While there, we stayed at Omega Farms, an RV park located just outside of Willis, Texas, and a few minutes north of Conroe.

The park has some nice sites, but it also has many undesirable spots. Unfortunately, we were assigned a pull-thru spot somewhere in the middle. We had no shade, no table, no fire ring, and very little space on the side of the trailer where our awning is located.

Tight spots in the center area where the pull-thru sites are located. There wasn't even enough room to fully extend the awning, and not enough room to comfortably sit outside.

Although the park is surrounded by large trees, the center areas are nearly void of any shade. If you go, get a site around the perimeter of the park. Interior roads and sites are gravel, so there is a little dust. Residents do a good job of keeping speeds down, though.
Again, there are shady spots with tables and fire rings in the park -- we just didn't get one. There is also no cable TV, and the WiFi is very slow and is not secured.

Omega Farms RV Park

The laundry room was located near us. 3 small private bathrooms -- each with toilet, sink, and shower -- are also located in the same building as the laundry facilities.

Laundry room and bath house. 2 washers, 2 dryers, and 3 private bathrooms. Facilities are good, but probably the poorest maintained of any parks we've stayed in recently.

Donna did enjoy fishing in the private pond on the property, and she managed to catch several fish including a couple of large bass and some catfish, as well as numerous perch.

The pond. Donna enjoyed fishing here, and caught more fish than she has caught in a long, long time. It is well-stocked.
We probably won't return to Omega Farms. It's a decent place, especially if your stay is brief, but it does not provide the type of setting we prefer.

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