Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lake Brownwood State Park

Lake Brownwood State Park is a 537 acre park located on Lake Brownwood about 20 miles north of Brownwood, Texas. There are few state parks in West Texas with full hookups for RVers, and this park is one of them.

We picked an excellent time to visit. Upon arrival, only 3 other RVs were in the Council Bluff campground where we would spend the next 3 nights (see map). In all, there are 20 campsites in this campground. Before leaving Fredericksburg, we used Google Earth to view the campground in order to find the best campsites. So, when we arrived at the park, we had a short list of 3 sites were were interested in. As luck would have it, our top site was occupied; it would turn out that that site (number 78) was, indeed, the best site, at least for this time of year. Instead, we opted for site 88, which had good shade from Black Jack Oaks.

Our trailer in site 88
As you would expect, the lake was way, way down. Formed by Pecan Bayou, a tributary of the Colorado River, and Jim Ned Creek, the lake is rather scenic, with hills and limestone outcroppings, at least in the area where we camped.

You can tell from the shoreline how far down the lake is. This was taken from a bluff near our campsite.
We enjoyed our time at the park; it was just what we were looking for. Few people were at the lake since we were there Monday through Thursday. The morning we left, only 7 sites in our campground were occupied, all by older people. Donna fished several times, while I enjoyed riding my bike. We also did some very short hiking. Mostly, we just enjoyed the quiet, cooked on the grill, and enjoyed a campfire. It was a good way to end our trip.

I took a lengthy bike ride around the lake, snapping pictures of whatever interested me. Those pictures will be in the next, and final installment, for this trip.

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