Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fredericksburg, Texas

I've mentioned elsewhere on this site that Fredericksburg, Texas, is one of my favorite cities in Texas.

Fredericksburg has a truly interesting history, which begins with the German immigrants who settled the area in 1846, built the town we know today, and named it in honor of Prince Frederick of Prussia. For years, residents of the community refused to learn English, and they attempted to insulate themselves from state and national politics. A German language newspaper was printed well into the 20th century.

Today, Fredericksburg is a thriving community of over 10,000. It's Main Street (Highway 290 running east/west) is lined with shops visited by tourists. On Main Street, you can find several German restaurants and bakeries, gift stores, book shops, arts and crafts shops that sell items ranging from candles to quilts and everything in between, a brewery and winery, and many other shops of interest.  Bed and breakfast establishments are scattered throughout the community, many just a block or two off Main Street.

Attractions abound throughout the area. These include
The Fredericksburg area is being touted by some as the "New Napa" because of the number of wineries in the area. And there are a few breweries as well. A list of area wineries is found here.

And don't forget the fresh produce and fruit available in season. Fredericksburg peaches are popular throughout the state, but they grow other fruits and vegetables there as well, and most stands can be found along US 290 between Stonewall and Fredericksburg.

The above is just a sample of some of the things we like about Fredericksburg. These and many others keep us returning to this quaint German town again and again.

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