Saturday, May 12, 2012

Biking Around Lake Brownwood SP

On our second day at Lake Brownwood, Donna went fishing near the fishing pier (see map). I've never liked fishing, so I decided to take a bike ride around the park. I had a great time.

Of all the places we had been the previous week or more, none had wildflowers any better than this park. That is not to say that the park had larger spreads or more, but the stands I saw were thick and bright.

I rode every paved road in the park, including the roads that led down to the cabins. Following are the pictures I took on my ride.

A good stand of bluebonnets at the entrance to the Willow Point campground

Notice how far below the fishing pier the water is. If you look closely, you'll see Donna seated between the end of the pier and the water line. She has yellow clothing on.

Another good stand of bluebonnets in the Willow Point campground
Notice the rich color of this patch of bluebonnets on the road that leads to cabins 14-17

One of the park cabins

The park has many facilities, including 17 cabins, 10 screened shelters, and numerous campsites. Unfortunately, most of the buildings are old and in need of repair. The current economic climate, however, has hit the park hard.

Screened shelters

The Group Recreation Hall

I like this picture with the bluebonnets framed by the dead mesquite limb

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