Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fredericksburg RV Park

We left Junction on Thursday, April 12, for the second destination of our journey -- Fredericksburg RV Park in Fredericksburg, Texas. We would stay here for 4 nights.

Although the park has good amenities -- cable TV, WiFi, clean laundry facilities, clean and private bathrooms -- it is not the type of place I prefer to stay. Sites are very close together, and no fires are allowed. There is a lack of privacy since RVs are so close together. But the amenities are good, and it is located conveniently to many area attractions.

We always try to get a feel for the community in the RV parks where we stay, and this park definitely has a community. Although many residents are short term, like us, many are here for months on end. Across from us, for example, was a couple from Ontario, Canada. Several residents had wooden porches constructed for their RVs, so they were certainly here for the long haul.

But many of the residents were like us and were here only for a short time. To our north was a row of Born Free class C motorhomes, who were in town for a rally. During the 4 nights we were there, we had 3 different neighbors in the site just to our east. On the last night, a retired army officer and his wife pulled in. They had come from San Diego, where they were trying to sell their home now that they planned to RV full time. They were stopping to see friends in San Antonio, then continuing on to Georgia to a college graduation of a relative.

And that is one of the most interesting things about these parks -- the people you meet. I also enjoy watching how other folks set up and take down their rigs when they arrive and leave. I pick up a few tricks from time to time by doing this. And I enjoy looking over the gear and equipment they use.

But really, we just more or less bide our time in these commercial parks. What we really enjoy is staying in state parks where we are closer to nature and the sites normally are a bit roomier. But for 4 nights, we'll make the best of this park while we enjoy the sites around Fredericksburg.

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