Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Parkview Riverside RV Park

We spent the week of February 19 - 26 at Parkview Riverside RV Park. I mentioned its location in a previous post.

This is a nice little RV park. It obviously has built a loyal clientele over the years, as many people return year after year. While there, we saw RVs with license plates from all over, especially the western United States and Canada. We probably saw half a dozen plates from Alberta, Canada, and Montana USA was well represented, too. About the second day we were there, a couple from northeastern Colorado pulled in next to us, and we socialized with them off and on over the next several days.

Of course, many people from northern climes journey to Texas to escape their colder winters. But what seems to attract many of the travelers to this particular park was the golf package available. That is what pulled our Colorado neighbors there. I don't play golf, so I know nothing of green fees and other costs, but they seemed delighted with a fee of $350 per month (per couple; $250 per person) to play at the nearby Club at Concan course. According to them, green fees at their local course were $50 per day per person. Again, I know nothing of golf fees, but if all this is accurate, then they were getting a great deal since they like to play 3 days a week.

Many of the residents at the park make the journey down to Texas about November and stay until late March or April. So for about half the year, they are full-time residents of Parkview. There is obviously a little community there, and people go about regular lives. While there, our site was next to 1 of 3 access points to the river, so every day we saw the same people come by on their way to the river to fish, walk their dogs, or simply take a leisurely stroll along this beautiful cypress-lined river.

Many of the RVers had large stacks of firewood at their sites, about one-fourth of a cord or so, and the park rented large propane tanks, about 25 gallons or so I would guess. These are indications these people are staying a while. People in RV parks love the outdoors, and it is great to see people living outside so much. Every day, people were enjoying fires, cooking on grills, or just sitting under their awnings visiting with neighbors. The people across from us were motorcycle enthusiasts, and several days while we were there they would leave in the morning for a ride and not return until late in the day. The couple a few trailers south of us were kayakers, and they put their boats in the water several times while we were there.

The park has just about the best facilities I've ever seen for the price we paid. The laundry room and restrooms were spotless. Normally, we use our facilities in the trailer, but on days when we pack camp to leave, I like to stop at the shower room and clean up before hopping in the truck for the drive to the next park; I get pretty dirty prepping the trailer to leave a park. This park had private shower stalls with locking doors for security. Plus, an access code is required to even gain entrance into the restroom/shower room.

There is also a store at the park that provides basic supplies with what I thought were very fair prices. One of our propane tanks ran out a day or two before we left, so I was able to refill it there for under $20; that is a better price than you pay at tank exchange places. I also bought a gallon of milk there for a price comparable to a regular grocery store.

Roads within the park are all paved; this is important to me as it keeps down dust. I don't like staying in places with dirt or gravel interior roads. Some sites were on dirt, but have been and are being upgraded to asphalt. This is a hilly area, so most sites are on inclines which require leveling your RV.

Although I don't have plans to return to the area -- I think we've done about everything there we enjoy doing -- I would not hesitate to stay at this park again.

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