Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trip Report: Return to Laughlin, Day #8

We slept in a bit later than normal since it was Sunday morning and traffic would be light for a while. We also had a fairly short day since we were only 350 miles or so from home. After taking advantage of the complimentary breakfast, we loaded the truck and stopped at a nearby station to fill up the tank ($2.99 gallon). Then we were back on the road. Donna wanted to drive the first leg, so we headed south with the Rio Grande valley and the mountains of Mexico on our right. After 60 miles or so, we began veering east away from the river and the border and passed through Sierra Blanca and then stopped at a port of entry to answer a few questions for the inquisitive border patrol agents there.

After satisfying the agents that we were Americans (they thought Donna looked a bit suspicious, especially with her accent and swarthy appearance), we continued to Van Horn where we stopped at McDonald's for more coffee and a snack. I took over here and took us the rest of the way home.

The day started off sunny, but by the time we reached Pecos, the cloud cover was moving in. We stopped briefly in Midland for gas ($3.21 gallon) and a snack, then took Highway 158 through Garden City to Sterling City, where we picked up Highway 87 to San Angelo. As we entered San Angelo, we stopped for a few groceries so we would not have to get out again. It was now cold and misty.

We arrived home, turned up the heat in the house (I had turned the thermostat way down before we left a week earlier), and unloaded the truck. Before dark, it began snowing a bit. The next couple of days would continue to be cold and wet, and we stayed home and did nothing. We really had no desire to get back in the truck to go anywhere, even someplace in town. It was Thursday before we finally ventured out.

Yes, Dorothy, there is no place like home.

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