Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chicken Farm and Water Lilies

The first Saturday of each month is a special time at the Old Chicken Farm Art Center in the north part of San Angelo. Right after moving in, Donna and I visited the Center during the week, but things were relatively quiet, so we planned to go back on the first Saturday of either October or November, once the weather cooled off.

The Old Chicken Farm Art Center is a ramshackle collection of galleries and other artisan shops. You can find anything from used books to pottery there. There's even a restaurant and a bed and breakfast. On the first Saturday of each month, the artists come out and set up booths while musicians gather to pick and grin for a few hours. It's something that my good friend Jay Olson would enjoy.

After strolling through the complex and visiting a few of the shops, we decided to then go to the International Water Lily Collection near the Concho River. We had never visited the site, and we really were impressed by the collection and the grounds. The water lily garden is located on a creek that drains into another creek, which then empties into the Concho River near downtown San Angelo.

Rather than tell you about the place, I'll let some pictures do the talking for me.

View of the water lily collection from the street.

View of the water lily collection from near the rose garden

I don't know the names of these large pads, but they are impressive.

If you look closely, you can see the tendrils under the water that feed the lilies

Park area downstream from the water lily collection. The bridge crosses the creek that forms the water lily collection.

Donna on the bridge over the creek that feeds into the Concho River. The creek is currently dry as a result of dredging being done.

The rose garden next to the water lily collection.

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