Thursday, October 13, 2011

Followup: Rain Barrels Full

I got my rain barrels set up just in time. This past Saturday, rain moved into San Angelo about noon and continued the rest of the day and into the early morning hours of Sunday. I received 2½ inches of rain at my house. Other locations in the Concho Valley received good rainfall as well. Still, it is not enough to break the drought; we need sustained rain over a short period of time to revive our reservoirs. But any little bit helps.

It did not take long for my rain barrels to fill up. I hated to watch water pouring out of the overflow pipes. I sure wish I had more barrels in place to catch that runoff. Still, I now have over 100 gallons of good rain water to use on my outdoor plants, and that will help. Not only will it conserve a little bit of water, the water itself is better for plants that treated water.

Time for me to start looking for more barrels.

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