Sunday, July 10, 2011

Still Settling In

One of these days, we'll be settled in the house. By and large, things are going well. Grass is now spread throughout the yard -- both front and back -- with a few splotches here and there that have not received good water from the sprinkler system. For the most part, though, the yard is coming along well.

We still have pictures to hang. That is not something I enjoy doing, but I am ready to get some pictures on the walls. At this point, we are simply waiting for a couple of more deliveries to be made so that we can get a true picture of space and appearance.

We have a Geek Squad consultant coming Tuesday to look at our house. We have audio wiring available in 3 rooms: living area, master bedroom, and patio. We want to be able to get music from various sources (stereo, computer, Internet, etc.) to all rooms. We are also looking at a new TV system with home theater in the living area. Until we set up this entertainment center, we probably will not hang pictures.

I continue to work on the garage. It is still half full, but we are able to park the truck in the garage, and we like that. I recently stripped Donna's hope chest and then put new stain on it. It has been in the garage since we moved in, but we are now able to bring it inside, and that will free up some garage space.

I picked up some storage cabinets at Lowe's this morning, and I will be setting those up soon. Many of the "loose" items cluttering the garage will be able to be stored in those cabinets. We also have a few items that we will take to our daughter soon. So, progress is being made.

As we become more settled in our new house, my attention will begin turning to San Angelo and how we occupy our time here. This is really a wonderul, active town, and I look forward to sharing it with my friends. We are also planning a trip in August to the Davis Mountains, the coolest place in Texas during the summer.

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