Tuesday, July 26, 2011

San Angelo Friends of the Environment

One of the many things we enjoy about living in San Angelo is the opportunity to recycle. We find that once we get into recycling, the amount of trash we set out by the curb is greatly reduced. This morning, for example, we only had half a bag of garbage to be collected.

The recycling center in San Angelo is operated by the San Angelo Friends of the Environment (S.A.F.E.). This is a busy place. Every time we go, people are busy dropping off all their recyclable goods, and the list of items the center will take is pretty extensive. A list of allowable items is available at http://saferecycle.netfirms.com/recycling.html.

Many years ago, I bought several garbage cans and labeled each one for the recycled product it holds. Now, as we use an item, we immediately put it in the appropriate can. We normally take items to a recycling center once per month; however, with all the boxes we used in our move, we have made many trips to S.A.F.E. since our arrival here. However, we now seem to be getting into our routine, so our trips there will be greatly reduced to probably once per month or so.

Our normal items to recycle include -- but are not limited to -- aluminum cans, tin cans (food cans), #1 and #2 plastic, newspapers, cardboard, and glass. However, the recycling center takes much more. This morning, for example, we left an old stereo system there. They also take batteries, used oil, and many other items.

Each item we recycle saves that much space in a landfill.

This post is dedicated to my good friend and defender of the earth, Steve.

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