Sunday, April 17, 2011

House for Sale

I've neglected to update the blog recently because we have been quite busy. In the next few days, I'll try to relate what we have been doing the past few weeks.

We put our house on the market when we retired earlier this year. We had our first offer in March, though we were unable to come to terms with the prospective buyer. However, a second buyer happened along and we were able to agree on a price and move forward. The house is now under contract and has been inspected. Unless something out of the ordinary occurs, it appears that we may be moving soon.

We moved to East Texas in 2002. Up to that time, we had spent most of our adult lives either abroad or in West Texas. In fact, our daughter was born in Plainview, Texas, (north of Lubbock) in 1980. She now lives in the Big Spring area with her husband and son. She considers West Texas to be home.

Although Donna and I both grew up in the eastern part of the state, we have always preferred the west ever since we first moved there in 1979. We only returned home in 2002 to be near my father when his health began to fail. Now that he is gone and we have retired, we are ready to return to the part of the state we now consider home.

So, we're now collecting boxes, packing away our household belongings, and getting ready for the next phase of our lives. In the next few postings, I'll relate details concerning our new home.

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