Monday, March 14, 2011

Fishing at Martin Creek Lake State Park -- March 11, 2011

Donna wanted to go fishing today, so we packed a lunch and headed for Martin Creek Lake State Park between Tatum and Henderson. The park is located on 5000-acre Martin Creek Lake, constructed to provide cooling water for a lignite-fired, electric power generation plant.

This is a nice little 287 acre park. All sites were booked as guests for the upcoming spring break week were expected to start arriving later in the day. The park is really very level considering its location in East Texas, and the park roads are ideal for bike riding. The biggest problem I have with this park is that the power generation plant is visible from almost all developed areas of the park, and the constant drone from the plant takes away from the "wilderness" experience I seek in state parks.

One of the unique features of this park is the island, which contains primitive camping sites. The island is reached by a nice bridge. There are various facilities available for fishing, including a lighted fishing pier. I was concerned to find the lake level lower than I've ever seen it in the previous half a dozen or so trips I've made to the park.

Unfortunately, Donna didn't catch any fish. The wind was blowing so hard that it made fishing unpleasant. Since I don't care for fishing, I took a walk through the campgrounds. After my walk, I found a nice spot out of the wind but in the sun where I could read while Donna fed the fish.

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