Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Atlanta State Park -- February 13-15, 2011

We just returned from a short outing to Atlanta State Park, near Atlanta, Texas. Atlanta SP is 1475 acres on Lake Wright Patman Dam in Cass County, a few miles southwest of Texarkana.

We have camped in this park many times over the years. We really just wanted to take the trailer on a shakedown cruise to make sure everything was operational before we ventured on an extended trip. We had recently learned that on our model of Rockwood, some of the grey water in the bathroom was actually routed to the black water tank, thereby causing that tank to fill much more quickly than we anticipated. The work we had done corrected this problem. However, we did discover that the GFCI in the galley area was installed incorrectly. This caused the GFCI to not reset. On our way home, we made a brief stop at our dealer who replaced the GFCI under warranty while we waited.

The weather at Atlanta SP was perfect. We were able to have a nice fire, do some short distance hiking (4 - 5 miles), and just generally relax. Only about 4 or 5 other spots in the park were taken, all by retired people like us, so everything was peaceful.

Donna started the fire above using only a flint. Wow, I'm married to Daniel Boone!

We are now ready to venture on a longer trip. Stay tuned. I will post whenever I can get a connection.

In closing this entry, I want to comment on Hayes RV in Longview, Texas. I appreciate their commitment to customer service. I have had my trailer in for warranty work on several occasions during the 11 months I've owned it, and I have been more than satisfied each time. If you live in the Longview area and are interested in a recreational vehicle, I highly recommend this establishment.

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